18 October 2020
Master student Van Der Borght wins Grand Prix Hyères
Tom Van Der Borght, master's student at the Toneelacademie Maastricht, wins the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography ...
13 October 2020
Tom Van Der Borght, finalist at the Hyères Fashion Festival
Tom Van Der Borght, student of the Master in Theatre, Toneelacademie Maastricht, is one of the finalists in the category fashion at ...
15 September 2020
Aram Adriaanse retires
Soon the Toneelacademie Maastricht will be saying goodbye to our esteemed colleague Aram Adriaanse. Senior lecturer and coordinator of the directing course since 2007. ...
14 September 2020
Sanne Samina Hanssen nominated for the Colombina theaterprize
The VSCD nominated Sanne Samina Hanssen for the Colombina - the theaterprize for the most impressive contibuting role. She is nominated for her ...
12 September 2020
Casper Vandeputte and Vincent van der Valk win Toneelschrijfprijs 2020
With their theaterscript Immens Casper Vandeputte and Vincent van der Valk hebben won the 'Toneelschrijfprijs 2020'. This was announced on Thursday the10 of september ...
26 August 2020
Gavin-Viano Fabri wins The Next!,
Gavin-Viano Fabri wins the very first The Next!, the new incentive prize for diversity and inclusion in the performing arts. Hanneke Groenteman ...
29 June 2020
Gavin-Viano Fabri on shortlist The Next!
Gavin-Viano Fabri, graduating at our Directing Programme, is placed on the shortlist of The Next! The Next! is a new Prize, meant ...
22 June 2020
Mary Overlie died
Friday the 5th of June Mary Overlie died in Bozeman, Montana. In Holland, this great danser, choreographer, professor and author was well ...
7 April 2020
Fred Goessens leaves ensemble of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Actor Fred Goessens was on stage in March for the last time as a member of the ensemble of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. ...
24 March 2020
Sam Scheuermann receives Makerskapitaal
Interdisciplinary performance artist Sam Scheuermann, who graduated at the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2017, is the second creator to receive a contribution of ...
18 March 2020
Guidelines regarding the Corona-virus
Toneelacademie Maastricht follows the guidelines of the government, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Public ...
2 March 2020
Florian Myjer and Kim Karssen nominated for BNG Bank Theatersprijs
Composer duo Florian Myjer and Kim Karssen and dance maker Cherish Menzo are the first nominees for the BNG Bank Theatre Prize ...
30 January 2020
Roshanak Morrowatian and Mami Izumi winners of the BNG Bank Dansaward 2020
Our guest teachers-choreografers Roshanak Morrowatian and Mami Izumi are two of the winners of the BNG Bank Dansaward 2020.  During the Holland Dance Festival in ...
18 December 2019
Jelle Stiphout wins Hustinx Incentive price 2019
Interdisciplinary theatermaker Jelle Stiphout has won the Hustinx incentive Price 2019  (2.500 euro). Jelle Stiphout (1991) graduated in 2018 as a director at the ...
18 December 2019
Luca Meisters wins Hustinx incentive Price 2019
Movie- and theaterdirector Luca Meisters also won the Hustinx Incentice Price 2019. She got this price of 2500 euro for the movie ...
18 December 2019
Tim De Paepe recieves development grant from Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten
Tim De Paepe and his collective Playfield won a development Grant from the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten. PlayField. is a young artist collective which explores the boundaries between ...
18 December 2019
Loek de Bakker and Abdel Daoudi new crewmembers of Toneelschuur Producties
Loek de Bakker and Abdel Daoudi are invited as new crewmembers at Toneelschuur Producties. From 2021, these talented directors can work for four ...
17 December 2019
No art without artists. Invest in a solid government policy. The Toneelacademie Maastricht embraces the state-of-the-arts.  
27 November 2019
Lindsay Zwaan wins Scriptieprijs 2019
Lindsay Zwaan is one of the three winners of the Scriptieprijs 2019 with her thesis: 'Leuk gedaan hoor, maar wat mot ik ermee? Met ...
9 October 2019
Opnieuw Gouden Kalveren voor Alumni Toneelacademie Maastricht
3 Gouden Kalveren for Alumni of the Toneelacademie Maastricht this year. Gijs Naber recieved his second Gouden Kalf, this time for the ...
17 September 2019
Awards for Maastricht Alumni
On 15th of September, during the Gala of the Dutch Theater in the Theater of Amsterdam, many awards were given to alumni of ...
17 September 2019
Nominations Gouden Kalveren for Maastricht Alumni
Yes, again nominations for the Gouden Kalveren for Maastricht alumni:Gijs Naber is nominated for the award best actor in TV, Fedja van ...
17 September 2019
Emma Buysse and Luna Joosten winners of the Amsterdam Fringe Awards 2019
Emma Buysse and Luna Joosten are two of the winners of the Amsterdam Fringe Awards 2019. In the beginning of 2020 they are ...
17 September 2019
Toneelschrijfprijs 2019 for Saman Amini and Nima Mohaghegh
Saman Amini and Nima Mohaghegh are granted with the Toneelschrijfprijs 2019 for A Seat at the Table, wich they wrote together with actors ...
12 September 2019
Emke Idema wins Joop Mulder Plak 2019
The Joop Mulder Plak 2019 is given to theatermaker Emke Idema. In Harlingen she got this award from the founder and honorary ...
12 September 2019
Alexandra Broeder and Guilherme Miotto win Gieskes-Strijbis Stageprize 2019
Theatermaker, alumna and teacher Alexandra Broeder and choreographer and teacher Guilherme Miotto (Corpo Máquina) are the winners of the Gieskes-Strijbis Podiumprijs 2019.  " Both Alexandra Broeder and ...
6 September 2019
Caro Derkx wins Henriëtte Hustinxprijs 2019
Thursdayevening the 5th of September The winners of the Henriëtte Hustinxprijs 2019 were published. For 2019, the proud winners of this 5000 euro ...
18 August 2019
In memoriam Sjef Tilly
In memoriam Sjef Tilly 1946 – 2019 Unexpectedly Sjef Tilly passed away. Sjef was the founder of our Program Scenography and Costumedesign ...
27 June 2019
Great results for our alumni on the Dutch Theater Festival 2019
Great results for our alumni on the Dutch Theater Festival 2019: You can see all of these alumni in the plays that ...
26 June 2019
Saman Amini nominated for Theater Writing Prize 2019
Saman Amini is nominated for the Theatre Writing Prize 2019. The award for the best Dutch Theatertext of the past season. The winner ...
25 June 2019
Nominations VSCD Toneelprijzen for alumni of the Toneelacademie Maastricht
The VSCD and the Dutch Theater Festival published the nominations for the Theaterawards 2019. The winners will be announced in Amsterdam on ...
11 June 2019
Eva-Lina de Boer wins Charlotte Köhlerprize
This year's Charlotte Köhler Prize for Theatre goes to director Eva Line de Boer. This is a prize for young talent of €30.000 from the ...
11 June 2019
Flemish Theaterfestival 2019 selects Maastricht Alumni
From 5 till 15 september 2019, The Flemish​ TheaterFestival  puts a spotlight on the best Theaterproductions of Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands. Herefore the ...
28 May 2019
Song of the sisters invited for the Brighton Fringe Festival
The performance 'Song of the sisters' is invited to perform at the Brighton Fringe Festival from 30-5 to 2-6 2019.Joske, Annelie and Marthe Koning ...
9 May 2019
Now Vanja Rukavina and Charli Chung are also nominated for the BNG Bank Theaterprize 2019
After our alumnus Silke van Kamp, now Vanja Rukavina and Charli Chung are also nominated for the BNG Bank Theatreprize 2019. This prize, for the most ...
24 April 2019
The programs in Scenography and Costume Design with PQWALTZ to Prague
The programs in Scenography and Costume Design at the Toneelacademie Maastricht, together with the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, are, from 6-16 ...
13 February 2019
Alumni at Festival Cement 2019
This year's Festival Cement is from 22 till 30 march in Den Bosch. Again with lots of alumni from the Toneelacademie Maastricht: ...
22 January 2019
Obituary Ton van Kempen (1956-2019)
Monday the 15th of January 2019, Ton van Kempen has died. Ton was a teacher in Cultural Criticism at the Toneelacademie Maastricht. He ...
9 January 2019
Silke van Kamp nominated for BNG Bank Theaterprize 2019
Silke van Kamp, who graduated in 2019 from the Toneelacademie Maastricht as a director, is nominated for the  BNG Bank Theaterprijs 2019  (45 ...
29 October 2018
Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe nominated for the Piket Artprize 2018
On Saturday the 27th of October, the nominations for the Piket Artprices 2018 were presented in the Theater aan het Spui in ...
24 October 2018
Violette De Laet wins Harry Wich Stipendium
The 23-years old Violette De Laet wins the Harry Wich Stipendium 2018  Violette graduated this year as a Theater designer at the ...
24 October 2018
Eelco Smits recieves Paul Steenbergen-medal
On October the 20th, Eelco Smits recieved the Paul Steenbergen-medal from Jacob Derwig.Now the four most important pass-through prices for actors and actresses (Paul Steenbergen-medal, ...
1 October 2018
The 1st of January 2019, Patricia de Kort leaves the Toneelacademie Maastricht to become teamleader @iArts
The iArts team proudly presents its new team leader Patricia de Kort. Who is she? What’s her vision on her new role ...
26 September 2018
Celine Daemen and Sanne Smits granted with the second prize at the international festival Bideodromo in Bilbao
At the festival Bideodromo, International Experimental Film and Videofestival in Bilbao, Celine Daemen and Sanne Smits won the second prize for their film De vrouw ...
24 September 2018
Song of the Sisters wins Amsterdam Fringe Award
At the closing event of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, at de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, Songs of the Sisters (King Sisters) was rejoiced ...
24 September 2018
Vanja Rukavina wins Arlecchino 2018
During the Gala of the Dutch Theater in the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, the VSCD Theaterawards were granted. Winner of the Arlecchino 2018 (prize for ...
12 September 2018
Suze Milius wint Erik Vos prijs 2018
De Erik Vos Prijs 2018 is awarded to Suze Milius. She recieved the prize fron Erik Vos himself in the Citytheater in Amsterdam. Congratulations Suze!
10 September 2018
Lara Hohmann wins Henriëtte Hustinxprize
Thursday the 6th of september, three laureats of the Arst Faculty of Zuyd, received the Henriëtte Hustinxprijs 2018 . Lara Hohmann, in 2017 ...
3 September 2018
Naomi Steijger en Timo Tembuyser winnen NTR Podcastprijs
Naomi Steijger and Timo Tembuyser are the first prize winners of the NTR Podcastprize 2018.In an exciting contest they left behind eleven nominated artist ...
31 August 2018
René Lobo Stok dit jaar naar Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe en Yentl Gijbels
Last week, Laura the Geest passed the René Lobo stick to performer Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and teacher and director Yentle Gijbels.This prize ...
22 August 2018
Florian Myjer wins the Grote Post Residentieprijs
At the festival Theater Aan Zee in Oostende, Belgium, Florian Myjer has won the grote Post Residentie-prize for young Theater.Florian Myjer was awarded for his monologe ...
20 June 2018
New Coördinator Acting Program
As from the 1st of August, Berbke Hermans  wil be the new coördinator of the Acting Program of the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Berbke ...
18 June 2018
Nominations BNG Bank Theatreprize
Charli Chung and Florian Myjer both are nominated for the BNG Bank Theatreprize!
13 June 2018
Nominations for Theater Awards for alumni of the Toneelacademie Maastricht
Recently a number of alumni of the Toneelacademie Maastricht were nominated for prestigious Theater Awards.  We congratiolate Eelco Smits, Alejandra Theus, Vanja Rukavina and Erik Whien.  
18 November 2017
Keuzegids: Toneelacademie Maastricht Top educational institute
And again the Toneelacademie Maastricht is qualified as a Top educational institution by the Keuzegids. 'With this quality seal you instantly know that ...
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