Theatre designer
Theatre costume designer

The programmes in Scenography and Costume Design at the Maastricht Academy of Drama start with their own foundation phases. The artistic, theoretical, technical, and design projects are given by a team of leading international professionals, who are firmly based in actual practice. There are also projects in which you work with students who are studying acting, performance, and directing. The first year also includes TV workshops and Technolab.

The two Bachelor’s degree programmes share a number of subjects, for example dramaturgy, anatomy, drawing, and painting. If they wish, students can combine the two programmes and take them concurrently.

The set and costume designs that students create are used in joint productions by the Academy of Drama and the Maastricht Academy of Music’s opera programme. We also work with other Dutch theatres, and with theatres in Aachen, Antwerp, Brussels, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Heidelberg, and Oldenburg. This not only enables us to bring students into contact with actual theatrical practice; it also allows us to bring the reality of the theatre “business” and professionalism of the various ateliers to the Academy.


The programmes in Theatrical Design and Costume Design are full-time day-time programmes lasting 4 years. | Coordinator: Anne Habermann

The lessons are in Dutch!



This programme focuses on design projects for scenography and film. Students work on projects and at least three times a year on the basis of a variety of stage plays, scripts, etc. The aim is for students to develop their individuality and a new language of images.


Foundation phase
The first year of the programme focuses on developing your expressive and theoretical abilities. You are also given information about the available follow-up programmes. In addition to two-dimensional (flat), three-dimensional (space), and four-dimensional (space plus time) design, the foundation phase comprises a programme in art theory ( art criticism, and cultural criticism). There will be a study trip, excursions, and guest lectures to keep you up to date with current developments in the visual arts and design.