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As a student at the The Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts, you work hard – searching for your own power of expression and inspiration. Studying at the Academy requires dedication and enthusiasm. But at the same time the protected environment provided by the Academy gives you the scope to seek for and work towards that final moment when everything comes together: your production, your performance, your direction, your staging. And all the time you’re being encouraged by your instructors and fellow students. The Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts is renowned both in the Netherlands and beyond. Countless well-known stage, TV, and film actors trained with us, as did a large number of theatre directors, artistic directors, dramatists, and scriptwriters.

The profession of actor, director, performer or stagedesigner imposes heavy demands. You need to be a virtuoso within your discipline. You must be able to surprise people, to seduce them, and to move them. It’s you who has to get across the power of the story. We impose those same heavy demands during the programme. We start with professional skills and we coach students one-on-one. In that way, we share in the responsibility for your future.

Toneelacademie Maastricht
Lenculenstraat 31-33
6211 KP Maastricht - The Netherlands
tel +31 43 346 66 90, fax +31 43 346 66 99

Toneelacadmie Maastricht is part of Zuyd University.

The Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts is more than just a school: it’s also a drama centre with contacts and partnerships throughout Europe. We work closely together with partner schools in Munich (Germany) and Manchester (UK).

In the final two years of all the programmes, students fan out across the whole spectrum of theatrical and film culture. Every year, we participate in national and international festivals with performances and projects. Coproductions, work placements, guest instructors, guest performances, and tours: all of these are part of the theatre landscape at the Academy. You tell your story, you show what you can do, and you grow into your own style. That is what studying at the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts means – it’s a lasting investment in your career.

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