Preparatory course

The preparatory course for the Maastricht Theatre Academy is intended for candidates wishing to take the three-year part-time Drama Teacher/Directing programme. Completing the preparatory course does not guarantee admission to that course, however.

Admission requirements

There are two ways of being admitted to the preparatory course:

• after taking an orientation workshop led by preparatory course instructors;


• after successfully taking part in the selection procedure for the part-time programme and receiving a recommendation.

Candidates must be over 21 years of age and hold a diploma from a nationally recognised research university (“WO”) or university of applied sciences (“HBO”), or be studying at such an institution, preferably with a focus on applied social studies (agogiek) and/or the arts.

Practical information

• You can sign up for the orientation workshop for the preparatory course by submitting the relevant application form.

• If you have successfully taken part in the selection procedure for the part-time programme and received a recommendation, then you can definitely be admitted. You must, however, confirm your participation in writing.

• The orientation workshop is given on 26 June 2010 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• Registration for the orientation workshop costs EUR 20. This should be transferred to giro account number 6293348 in the name of “Toneelacademie Maastricht”, stating “Oriënterende workshop vooropleiding (your name)”.

• The course fee for the preparatory course in 2010–2011 is EUR 450. This cannot be refunded if you drop out before the end of the course.


You can also take a preparatory course for the day-time programme, the “LOT” course. This is given not only in Maastricht but also at other locations in the Netherlands. For more information go to