Drama teacher/director

Postgraduate programme (1 year) for drama teachers

Before anything else, the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts, sees the Drama Teacher as an artist.

If you already have your licensed Bachelor’s degree as an actor, director or theatrical performer, you can gain the necessary qualification to teach drama by taking this one-year post-graduate course (PAO).

A good drama teacher is an invaluable artist, and not just in an educational context.

If you have already graduated as an actor, director, or performer and you have the ambition and drive needed to inspire others to go into theatre, you can take this one-year programme on top of your Bachelor’s degree.

After successfully completing the programme, you will have the qualification needed to teach in all years and all types of secondary education (and also outside a school setting, including in the context of arts and cultural education). This is a “Bachelor after Bachelor” programme.

You will learn:
• how to use your artistry as a teacher
• how to create and give drama lessons to adults, young people, and children;
• how to develop your own approach and style as a drama teacher;
• how to integrate drama lessons with other artistic disciplines;
• how to make a special, valuable, and personal contribution to quality and innovation in arts education, both in a school setting and elsewhere.


The attainment targets for this programme are:
• You can deploy your own skills as an actor, director, or performer in your work as a drama teacher;
• You have your own independent attitude and approach to drama education in general and to your own teaching in particular;
• You can make use of a variety of educational methods and can apply them to a whole range of different groups of people;
• You have a good overview of the whole of arts and culture education, and can position yourself in that context as a drama teacher;
• You are able to create quality and to innovate in drama teaching.

Because you already have your degree in acting, directing or performing, those subjects are not included in the curriculum for the programme.

The programme consists of two phases: the main phase and the final (graduation) phase.

The study load for the year is full-time (60 ECTS credits). The work placements and projects can take place (partly) within the framework your own professional work.

For more information, send an e-mail to Nathalie.Roymans@zuyd.nl  You can register online at www.toneelacademie.nl.

Study load

The study load for the year is full-time (60 ECTS credits). The work placements and projects can take place (partly) within the framework your own professional work.

Main phase

The main phase (the first half of the year) consists of a theoretical basis and didactic training focusing on the actual work of a drama teacher. Theory is immediately integrated and applied in various work placement situations. You will deal with the following subjects and projects:

• Performance types: group work, constructing an assignment, learning to deploy your own skills as an actor/director in lesson situations.
• Didactics lessons: these run in parallel with the work placements.
• Teaching work placement (16 weeks).
• Theory: developmental psychology, educational concepts and models, teaching styles and teaching theory.
• Arts and cultural education (offered by the various faculties jointly).
• Didactics for directors: this is intended specifically for students who have graduated in Acting/Theatrical Performance (A/TP). (Those who have graduated in Direction do not need to take these lessons.)



This one-year programme combines a solid theoretical basis with a wide range of intensive work placements and theatre projects. You take lessons at the Academy on two days of the week (Thursday and Friday). The rest of the week is for work placements, research, and for developing your theatre projects. Your own theatre background and ambition are crucial. You will graduate as an independent drama teacher with your own special and unique approach to teaching your subject.