Master Theatre

Are you a theatre director or theatre designer looking for a context in which to examine your artistic process and/or explore new artistic paths?

The Master Theatre at the Toneelacademie Maastricht offers you an inspiring program of 1.5 years that combines a focus on Artistic Research with extensive mentoring of your Artistic Project.

The master consists of..

An intensive organized program with seminars, workshops, meetings and mentorings. You get a challenging and varied input to help you develop your Artistic Project and accompanying Research.

An individualized itinerary in which you choose your own specific mentors relevant for your Artistic Project and Research.

An ongoing critical discussion with your peers, guest lecturers,theatre makers and organizers, and professionals and masterstudents from other disciplines. Through these exchanges you develop your discourse and vocabulary.

A hands-on training where your artistic practice is central. You finish the Master with an Artistic Project that will be presentedwithin the professional field.

A program composed of 4 building blocks: the meeting between scenography and directing, artistic research, transdisciplinarityand networks (cultural entrepreneurship).  

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Practical information
The 3 semesters are spread over 2 years (85 ECTS credits). All meetings are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays in Maastricht or on location. The majority of collective sessions are organized during the first semester (September-December 2018) allowing you to combine the Master Theatre with other activities. The program language is English.

The programme director is Bart Van den Eynde. For more information about the Master Theatre, please contact him on:
+32 (0)476 585 966  (Belgium)
+31 (0)6 3807 3355 (Netherlands)



The Master Theatre offers an educational context for
scenographers, directors and other artists with an
acquired artistic identity and a keen interest in theatrical
performance and scenography. In the Master Theatre, artists
can explore new artistic practices and/or develop their qualities
as an artistic researcher.
The Master Theatre nurtures the innovative potential and
diversity of theatre practice and artistic research.


Some professional partners


The organized program of the Master Theatre does not intend to present a monolithic view on artistic practices and Artistic Research but rather a ‘mosaic’, offering you many possible connections with your individual practice. Through these encounters, you acquire the tools to contextualize your Artistic Project and Artistic Research.

The program is divided into 3 semesters...