Drama teacher/director

The part-time Drama Teacher/Directing programme (“PTO”) trains you to be a theatre-maker who teaches and directs. You learn how to coach and direct performers so as to get across stories, ideas, points of view, and impressions. You also create presentations and performances. As a drama teacher, you work at schools, cultural centres, and education centres. You know how to use modern audiovisual aids. As a director, you work on stages both large and small, and both at leading theatres and little halls “in the middle of nowhere”.

The driving force behind this programme is your own acting. Your skills as a performer give you the knowledge and passion to teach and direct. Performing, teaching, and directing are inextricably linked with one another in the part-time programme, and they influence one another continually.

Practical work alternates with deepening your understanding of theory and of what drama involves. The lessons and workshops are given by a small team of Academy instructors, together with guest instructors active in the profession. Ten new students are admitted to the programme each year.

The part-time Drama Teacher/Directing programme takes three years
Coordinator: Jo Roets

• acting: text-based theatre and improvisation
• movement
• voice: speech and choral singing
• teaching methodology
• dramaturgy
• cultural criticism

The programme takes three years. The lessons are given on Fridays and Saturdays, for a total of 16 to 18 hours per weekend. You are also required to devote an average of eight hours a week to independent study (excluding work placements).