The selection courses are full, you can only still apply for the selection-courses exclusively for Theatre Design and Theatre Costume design, the Mastercourses and for the Postacademic Theatre Teacher course.

Bachelor programs
Full-time day-time programmes
You learn how to deal with theatrical forms by means of improvisation, text analysis, and intensive training. You learn to act for an audience and for the camera.
You place yourself on stage. You explore the boundaries between theatre and other art forms. Cross-over is the breeding ground for performers.
You learn how to express your message as theatre. You direct actors so as to get that message across as clearly as possible.
You are trained as an independent designer for theatrical productions and are brought into contact with an international theatre network.
Part-time programme
During this part-time programme, you develop your skills as a performer as the basis for your work as a drama teacher and director.
Post-academic program (1 year)
If you want to inspire others to go into theatre, you can gain the necessary teaching qualification by taking this post-graduate course.
Master Course
The programme comprises research, intensive training days, master classes and a graduation project, all of which will deepen your knowledge of your specialist field - Theatre Direction or Scenography and Costume Design.
Preparatory course teacher/director

Taking the preparatory course does not guarantee admission to the part-time programme but it does enable candidates to discover whether they are suited to the theatrical profession.


The lectorate in Autonomy and Public Domain in the Arts focuses on the autonomy of the arts in relation to the public domain.


The Jeker Studio - European Centre for Performing Arts - is a project organisation forming part of the Maastricht Theatre Academy. It is a venue where talented young European theatre-makers can explore and reflect on their professional practice in an international context. The activities involve such things as master classes, workshops, and specialised conferences and festivals.