Open day

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24 February 2018

Studying at the Theatre Academy: the story
Woody Richardson Laurens tells you the short version of the story that will unfold for you throughout the day. At the same time, Jo Roets will tell the story about the part-time Drama Teacher/Directing programme or the postgraduate programme for drama teachers for the guests who especially come for these programmes.

Demo lessons (instructors and students)
Behind the scenes: what goes on in practice. You’ll watch a lesson and see the kind of assignments students undertake and what that involves. You’ll also see how both instructors and students give feedback, and what is done with it.

Participation lessons (instructors/students/visitors)
You too will be a performer, director, actor, or scenographer. You’ll work on the rehearsal floor, supervised by an instructor or a student. Working with others, you’ll create a theatrical moment from scratch and find out at firsthand what that involves.


Presentations (performances and assignments)
You’ll see short presentations/performances, and you’ll be able to view exhibits created in the Theatrical Design and Costume Design programmes.

Meet and greet (students/parents/visitors)
You’ll meet students and parents of students, one-to-one. They will complete the story and give you the opportunity to ask questions that still need to be answered.

Master Theatre visitors are invited for the walk-in hours between 1.30 and 3 pm.
They are free to enter any other part of the open-day programme.